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If there is a place where you want to take someone special, this is it. The staff makes you feel like like home. I have never had fine dining like this. The wine selection is top notch. And their menu is stellar. Try the boar. Try the duck. Try not to drool when the pate melts in your mouth. It's cozy and quaint. Make tonight special and share this gem with someone you love. quote
Donyelly Specks
I ate at Bistro Le Cep my last time in Houston. The food was divine, the service warm and exceptional. What amazed me most, however, was that I made an error on my bill when I added the tip, making the total $10 more than it should have been. When my credit card statement arrived I was shocked that the restaurant had not used my wrong total, but had charged me the correct amount. This kind of integrity is rare. I will not only return, I highly recommend the Bistro! quote
Miss Michels
I have been eating here for years and the food and service are always outstanding! This is the best place to celebrate an anniversary or birthday. Thanks for a great experience. quote
Roger S., Richmond, TX
I would like to express my total satisfaction with my recent visit to Bistro Le Cep. The food was as good as any I have had in the high-end restaurants in the Houston area, and the service was exceptional. The atmosphere was quaint and cozy and I will certainly be making more visits to this wonderful restaurant. quote
Ralph M., Houston, TX
We are regular customers from the days of Rotisserie for Beef & Bird. We enjoy coming back time after time. Keep up the good service and food! quote
Elizabeth Y., Houston, TX
Delightful ambience, wonderful server & friendly management. I felt right at home. quote
Kara C., Houston, TX
We had the most incredible waiter! From the moment we walked in the door, we felt welcomed. The food was exceptional and the wine is just amazing. We’ll be back for our anniversary! quote
Sandra K., Houston, TX
This is the best place for Thanksgiving dinner. You served all of my favorite dishes and memories of my childhood came flooding back to me. The waiters were very attentive and my family had a great time. Thanks! quote
Sam W., Katy, TX
Our Christmas party was a huge success. The room was perfect for our group and the service was the best I have ever experienced. All of the food was done to perfection and we were all served at the same time. Truly a great party! quote
Selena K., Houston, TX